[the chamber]

Many of you may know [the chamber] society from Kubrick’s last movie Eyes Wide Shut, and even more know it from SL. It’s a strange little outfit, roleplaying sexually adventurous stuff. Based in an old hotel, having strict behaviour and dress codes this ain’t your usual steamy, perverted sexy shit but obviously something classy and rich and totally cool and cold.

The vision of [the chamber] is to create a deep and erotic atmosphere for roleplay and erotic chat for members. We focus on politeness and manners with a twist. Our members expect intelligent, lively conversation and imagination along with beautiful and detailed surroundings. We are very strict on behavior and appearance so that we keep to the original vision of the society and club.

Some time ago, maybe one or two years, my twisty friend Wolfette Roux took me to the chambers and it indeed had this certain secret society feeling. Everybody was smartly dressed (although nudity is allowed for the ladies) and many peeps were even wearing masks … in order to heighten the eroticism or sumfink. The whole club is strictly No Voice. Cool. That’s SL as it was supposed to be, engaging and mysterious.

Well, the other day I overheard or read something about the chamber and remembered that classy place. I also remembered that I was only allowed in as Wolfette’s +1 since it’s usually a Members Only club.



So today I thought why not check it out again, maybe there’s a blogstory in it, and went to the chambers’ Welcome Area, which is on a little freighter ship off the coast of Floris sim. Was just about to join the chamber when I noticed there’s a steep 500 l$ admission fee for [the chamber] group. And that’s a bit much for this reporter, so no blog about [the chamber] and no sexy photos. 😮

Deal with it. LOL.



  1. I have to admit I’m curious. But like our intrepid reporter I’m not personally $L500 curious. But that is what I like about SL there are classy places you can find like “The Chamber” that if that’s what you enjoy. It does come from haveing a large customer base and the relatively easy procedure to create such a group in SL.

    But that also got me thinking about Sansar. Since apparently Sansar will be tightly controlled by the lab and the few anointed ones and so inflexible what are the chances that something like the Chamber will ever exist in Sansar? From what I can tell from the drips and drabs that leak out about Sansar the odds are essentially zero. In my opinion that is not the way to attract customers and eventually that is what will pay the bills for Sansar. That degree of top down control again reinforces my decision to not even try Sansar until the late part of 2017 if then!

    I don’t see any account creating excitement about Sansar. It is getting late in the day with the open beta debut projected to be in a bit over a month. Any interest is curiosity is from a few SL residents usually accompanied by disdain.

    I’ve had my doubts about Ebbe’s choice to not leverage the existing SL customer base into what I think should have been SL 2.0. It appears to me that he is beating the dead horse that Sansar has become. My only ray of hope is that if the same procedure that existed in the past is being used. That being that lab CEO’s are given a 3 year contract so Ebbe will be gone in early 2017. The future CEO may actually have an understanding of virtual worlds which is the lab’s customer base. I can’t help but look with regret and what might have been if the funds and people that have been squandered on Sansar were put into improving SL. Thank you Ebbe!

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    • You’re completely right, Willow. I guess we all can agree that Ebbe’s reign was kinda disappointing till date. At least he got the server’s stability and speed up to date … although I guess that’s in the nature of the game and evolving hardware. So let’s hope his contract won’t be renewed after his 3 years are up.


  2. L$500 seems to be the floor for good SL nudist, sex-positive places like Turtle Coast/Turtle Beach, Lupe’s Magic Forest or (if you wear elf ears and wings so you’re part of the local faery content) Elven Forest. Places with large enough space (full sims, usually) cost enough US$ in tier alone that membership fees of L$500 aren’t all that much to ask, if their content’s good enough, and the places I mentioned actually keep making their sims better and better. And that L$500 keeps gawkers to a minimum (though Cary and I had an issue with them at Lupe’s until the sim guards became aware of who they were and “counselled” them). Elven Forest in particular is nice because we regulars are both customers and content – we go as faery or elven or something else compatible with the sim theme, have a great time, and are motivated to help others have a great time.

    I emphatically agree with you that if the manpower and money poured into Sansar from our Premium and tier fees in what Ebbe has publicly stated was “boring and too damned difficult” SL classic had instead been invested in lowering tier so talented content creators could keep making breathtaking sims like the late, lamented Aspasia Forest (gone) and just plain fun places like Ile de Femme (42 full and homestead sims arranged as an island archipelago in Mar Lesbiana, so you could boat, jet-ski or fly around, and the sim owner provided an airstrip, and enough contiguous air space that jets could actually cavort in it), SL would have been able to attract more residents.

    Philip Roseland and Ebbe Altberg are complaining about the people who made them rich, in true clueless Silicon Valley tradition. When they run us off to the Open SIm grids, the residents of whatever Sansar is marketed as and High Fidelity have enough money and choices to play with what Roseland and Altberg created, then move on to the next Big Thing.

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    • Very good argument, Willow, to justify the steep entry fees into the fancy world of classy “clubs”. It’s all ok and reasonable … but still too expensive for a curious but socially awkward girl that doesn’t even know if she’ll ever return.


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