Are they fucking kidding me? 😮


No, they are apparently not. 🙂 But … read on.


Yes, we all know that MS is indeed a huge code contributor to Linux. Always has been. And lately the touchy feely cozy course Nadia Nutella steers the MS ship in direction of Linux is even kinda creepy. Because … yes, because Microsoft. Whatever they do or say they’ll always have their own interest at heart in the first place. No matter how often Nutella claims he loves Linux, let’s not forget he will cease the official support as soon as he got out of the Linux project what he needs in order to strengthen Windows. In the same light we gotta view MS’s membership in the Linux Foundation. It’s probably so they become the major partner in that setup and wield their influence over Linux’ further development.

So let’s not get too happy and dough-eyed about our new-found ally, let’s not cozy up to them fuckers. They can’t be trusted!


  1. Hold me, I’m scaaared! I just decided to definitely install Linux, and now THE NAZGULS ARE AT THE GATES!

    This can’t end well. It’s like, back in the 1990s, Microsoft bought Foxpro, swore to God and everybody they’d keep supporting it, and – WHAM – that didn’t happen for long. At least they had Access waiting in the wings, which is a pretty good DBMS with a powerful macro language (not as good as MS Word BASIC, though, which will run your TWAIN scanner if you ask it nicely, and I did that back in the 1990s).

    Anyway, Linux is probably too big a morsel for the eeeeevil Microsoft machine to eat in one gulp but — Hold me, I’m scared!

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    • Pat, you as a self-confessed geek, should know best that Linux is unstopable. It already rules the world of servers and the internet, and there is no competition for it. On the desktop, well, not our problem if people are too stupid, lazy, cowardish to join the Linux movement. At the same time Linux is growing (slooooowly, very sloowly) on the desktop as well. Nobody knows the exact number of installed and running Linuxes, nobody can or is even supposed to know, but it’s surely a bigger number than we are aware of. And for most of us there just ain’t a way back into the Microsoft world. Once you have sampled a spoonfull of heavenly freedomsauce you just can’t turn back.

      A statistics report of my old blog on Google, already a couple years ago, showed me that not only were more of my readers on Linux than on Mac … nooo, they even outnumbered Windows users! 😮

      Also it’s technically impossible for Microsoft to stop the Linux revolution. Most distros are made by amateurs and volunteers and lovers of Linux. They are operating independently and far outside of Microsoft’s grasp. Let M$ throw some sticks in Linux gears, that will only have effect on the commercial side of Linux, on Red Hat, SuSE, Oracle and Canonical. It won’t stop Clem and his Mint team, Phil and his Manjaro community or single fighters like Ikey of the Solus Linux project from going on and doing great stuff.

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