… aaaaand Back.

Took my time, had some problems along the way but now everything is slowly getting set up again and … oh yes, I’m on Manjaro again. LMDE appeared to be too crappy for my taste. Right in the middle of installing and shit the internet went down again and I went berserk. Too funny, like 2 minutes after internet went down the fukn telkom called me. But not because of my momentarily crisis but regarding yesterday’s fail. Anyway, Telkom isn’t to blame … at all. My slowly deteriorating and finally failing internetz was caused by my fancy shmancy TP-Link router. I touched that thing and almost burned my fingers. Guess it’s smoked. 😦

Anyway, switched to a crappy old no-name router we have lying around here and all is cool now.

Routers: left = asshole, right = saviour

Will hopefully have to switch to a fiber router soon anyway. 🙂


  1. Had nothing but trouble from TP-Link routers. They truly suck, even for home use (especially for us home bodies who are on the minute we’re awake, stay on till we’re asleep, and often leave our computers on while we sleep for updates, et cetera.


    • Mine was always good to me, and super cheap too. Very good unit. I bet once it cools down it’ll work like always. Home body here as well, and my main machine is usually on duty 24/7. Hubby switches his off every day, dunno why.


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