words do not do this justice! Not even WTF

Oh my. I saw the same shit like Rose but wasn’t sure how to mention it in my bloggsy. My highly biased negative feelings about Millenials and youngster people is well-documented, right? So I wanted to sweep these news under the rug but now that Rose brought it up … here we go:

The truth is , the video you are about to be shown is perhaps the scariest, Frightening and far-reaching implications of any video, I have ever seen. I will not make apologies for my reaction to this video. Nor will I in any way endorse this to be the current situation across the Nation of America alone. OR indeed the entire world educational colleges and universities , because if I do so . if for one moment you think this is as wide spread as I personally think it be, the ramifications will, I fear, send people to medication and perhaps even attempted suicide.

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when as My good friend Orca pointed out you have to ” stop breath and relax” whether this be due to , personal trauma, or the world around you which has collapsed to a point where your own mind…

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    • Oh yes, Trapper, I got a whole collection but deleted all the URLs before I even read any of the sites. Trump won the white house, now deal with it, mofos. I’m everything else but a Trump fan but it’s not my fault if the only alternative was Clinton.
      Apparently in US unis and colleges you have now the right to trauma counselling and safe rooms if you’re too emotionally distraught by Trump’s triumph. I’ve heard one uni even uses little puppies the election losers can cuddle. That country is on its last leg if you ask me.


    • Good girl. Didn’t even know you had a USA passport. Must be awkward when traveling. Don’t ppl give you the evil stare or pity or so?


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