Søøper Døøper Møøn

Last night, arøund midnight I stepped øut intø øur little garden, put my Canøn øntø a tripød and aimed my gaze and the camera’s lens at the full møøn …


The first shøt is not zøømed in at all but in standard wide angle setting. I guess the camera cøuldn’t really decide øn where to put the føcus but the result seems nice enøugh. Nøtice the lens flare? Yeah, I’m the next JJ Abrams. 🙂


Nøw with the zøøm lens totally tricked øut, meaning the 30x øptical zøøm turned intø a 60x digital zøøm. Øf course the digital effect takes away frøm the image quality and degrades it quite a bit and I’d usually never use the digital shit but then … the møøn is quite far away innit? Sø I had tø get tricky in ørder to ban it kinda førmat-filling intø the image.

This is the ønly instance in which my shitty Canøn can beat Trap’s fancy shmancy Fujifilm anyway, so why nøt make the best øf it?

I wanted tø take anøther phøtø later, in the early mørning, with the pale møøn hanging in a blue sky but … errrr, I was in a cøma by then and hubby didn’t wanna wake me up.

Asking me what’s up with all thøse Ø and ø? Fuk, what dø I knøw? Ørca’s silly like that sømetimes.



  1. Not sure if your camera can do it most modern ones can even phone cameras can. Take an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image of the moon and palm trees. That will fix the washed out moon and still show the palm trees. That works by taking several images at different exposure setting then the camera combines them into one image.

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    • Naaaw, my Canon isn’t advanved enough for such trickery. Me gotz 3 different light metering functions and that’s it. Fortunately for the first photo my palm tree was illuminated by the “street lamp” in our alley. I kinda like the effect.

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    • LOL, no, not really. I just stepped out into the garden and voila, there it was. We have the same view (minus the full super moon) every night all night since years already. Actually since some clever manager put the streetlight there.


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