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Haha, I was obviously publishing my Horizons story a bit too fast. Now the expert blogger Inara Pey has posted not one but two great posts about the Horizons Mainland Comunity Initiative (whatever that may be, I guess an estate with LL as landlords) and the Horizons Game Experience.



    • I guess they are connected, Foneco. You know … living and gaming at the same place without the need for commuting. 😉
      But yes, didn’t Inara write that it will be an experience similar to Paleo Quest? I wasn’t interested in that game neither and only visited it once. And only to shot some photos for the blog.


    • Oh, it’s open for the public now? Or did you show your Press Card as Thar She Blows! reporter? Tee hee.
      Anyways, can hardly wait for your spectacular blog entry, dear.


  1. I went there yesterday with saphy, from our Zindra’s place (right in front of it lol) where there is a sailing rezzing zone, testing my latest build, the canoa baleeira do pico.
    Is a lovely continent, full of water to sail, and no you don’t need to use a power boat, most sailing ones will work perfectly if you use to change wind when needed, (if you wish to tack and use only one wind, then a small one will be advised to reach the center of the continent, there one can sail any type of boat:)).
    I did love the place really and we are lucky to have a house and a rezzing zone so close to it, but there are rezzing zones in all info hubs, so it is pretty easy to get there and rezz.
    The argument that is only suitable for power boats is completely wrong and the fact that is a ADULT continent, ensures no stupid spammers nor griefers nor moralists nor pundits are allowed.
    Obviously LL followed my long made advise to make adult continents, where all need to have info on card to visit or be premium and this one is for sure a great reason for one to change to premium.
    Perhaps it is time for the sailing community to start enjoying more Zindra and now Horizon instead of flooding the same old same laggy regions of the Blake sea, even if the landlords will not be happy, but with all respect for them, LL is moving on the right direction.

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    • So you can only sail there when you change the wind direction manually all the time? That’s not sailing as most people would define it. That’s almost like powerboating, only more laborous and stupid. Yes, what is that big hole in the middle between both continents? Is that the game area?
      And why do you think Premium Members are no griefers? Or why only Premums can be Adult?


      • You can sail pretty well using just a standard wind direction, unless, but that is a boring as real sailing, lol.
        (For sure i never was nor intend to be a real sailor).
        I just set the wind to south and went all the way without changing it.
        And since i joined Sl i always said that SL should only be allowed for premium members and that all of them should be adult.
        And if i’m allowed, ill rather prefer to see horizons without any of the so called Sl sailing elite around. There are already enough regions fucked up cause some is organizing a damn race or whatever, where all the same ones win all the same times.


  2. To be clear, i do hope that Horizons will be free of races and any will be able to go there and sail or use a power boat or whatever without knowing rl rules nor bothering with them. And that those who abide by them will avoid that place entirely. And most important that only naked avatars will be there.
    Sometimes one has to wish for drams to come true.

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