WHOA! Lagfighters 2

WOW. Slowly the jira regarding sailing conditions in the Blake gains momentum. When I opened my mailbox just now I had 42 new emails in my inbox, most of them were people who voted and commented for the jira. Among them such luminaries as Nber Medici, MarkTwainWhite, Patrick Leavitt, Lucy Afarensis, kittensusie Landar, Peter Sailor, Bridget Beresford, Luna Azulejo, Analyse Dean, Vickie Maidstone, Amanda Dallin, Allie Tomsen, SteveLL, Nightingale Solo and many others.

Happy bug tracking. =^.^=

Can’t remember having told the jira to send me all those mails and comments, obviously happens automatically. So, everybody who voted on the jira, please get ready for your inbox to explode. 😮

Also I guess me babbling about daily sims restarts was a bit out of whack. The original jira asks for weekly restarts, as is easily to see in the title already. Stupid blind Orca. o.O


Addendum: Now even NYC’s freshly appointed commodore, the lovely Gemma Vuckovic, has joined the list of subscribers to the jira. And she addded some very valid reasons too.

And a couple minutes ago Iteke joined the choir as well.


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