Lagfighters United!

Please check the SL Sailing Forum for deterioration of the Blake Sea and public waterways in general. And then please join the jira by Justin and comment on it as well.


We’re petitioning LL to reinstate daily restarts of all public oceans, as that is probably the most logical first course of action. Contribute to the cause by adding your vote!



  1. Information can be found here as well:

    It is going to take the entire sailing community to give the required push LL needs to get this long standing problem fixed correctly.
    One has to wonder where the long standing guardian of the Blake, Mark Twain White, is concerning this. One would hope he is doing something to help in this effort, however, he seems remarkably quiet concerning this important issue.

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    • Mhm, so he did, And of course he told us about how he’s gonna talk to them Lindens and set them straight. I guess we’ll have to thank him for his untiring efforts later. 😉


  2. And after a few founding out that the jelly beans feature only adds to more lag, meaning LL is advising users to set the slide to no limits in order to avoid lag, i fear that the issue with crossing sims is much more viewer related. If i use Ukando that does not have the jelly bean feature implemented, i dont have issues when sailing, but if i change to latest LL viewer, that should in principle, be more stable, all changes for the worst. So i do think that LL viewer code changes on the last 2 months is the reason for the late issues.

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      • Yes, everyone on the meting with LL is saying that the jelly beans feature made all much worse and one sees the lab saying that better to set it to no limit one needs to wonder why that feature was implemented in 1st place. Now the issues with Bento and the soultions to fix them can really worry us much more, cause if LL had to trade crossing sims in order to make the bento stable, for sure they will.


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