Distro Hoppers Anonymous


Welcome ladies and gents, to today’s meeting of the DHA, SL division.

Of course, I know nobody really wants to be a distro hopper, and even less admit to being one. I know it’s hard to admit to this simple and very natural fact of life. You don’t have to be ashamed of it and don’t need to hide it either. It’s, as I said, just natural. Particularly when you’re newly exposed to the quirky and always changing world of Linux it would even be counter productive not to make use of the many many distros available to you for free. Been there, done that, bought some t-shirts.

So much distros, so many wow!

I would even call it downright stupidity if any of you would just go by what some wannabe pundit on the interwebz or on YuuToobz recommends you as the bestest distro/desktop combo. I guess nobody should claim to even remotely knowing what might be the right system for you. Because apart from all the technicalities and stuffz there is also the even more important factor of your personal workflow and your personal taste. These things are very important. And all those Linux gurus, they don’t know how you compute, so why do they think they are in any position to tell you what is the best for you? Because what good does it for you if you knew you’re on the bestest, fastest, most stable Linux evar (!) if you just hatehatehate using it?

Don’t let anyone tell you what is “Teh Bestest Linux in Evar!”.

Take for example the editrix of this bloggsy: Orca tells you a lot of stuff, about Linux, about what she’d recommend to you should you ever ask her. Well, hate to admit it but Orca’s a stupid cow. She’s just like Jon Snow and knows fukall about Linux … and even less about your needs and wants and what you prefer your OS to look n feel like. So, yes, even though I personally think Orca might have some or the other good point on her side, her words are just that: They’re like only her opinion, man. You shouldn’t take anything coming out of Orca’s keyboard as gospel.

That dimwit is the least agreeable wannabe Linux expert avie you should listen to.
Just relax and only do what you’re comfy with.

So, as a former Distro Hopper myself I will say it again: Distro Hopping ain’t something to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary, Distro Hopping will give you more insight, more knowledge, more bragging rights. And it’s a necissity if you wanna make a “final decison” one day in the future to settle on one distro permanently. Because, believe me, that day will arrive sooner or later.


These two assholes have found their favourite personal work environments. Cave dweller Richard Stallman only uses a Terminal and command lines while Linus himself is quasi contractionally bound to use Gnome 3.xx. Both are shitty options! … says Orca. And what did I tell you? Should you listen to her?

Empowered housewifes … naaaw, don’t listen to them neither.

One fine day you’ll wake up and don’t feel like testing yet another new hot-right-now distro. You’ll feel sick and tired of all the attributes as you’ve encountered them already on a couple other distros. Just better implemented or more cleverly laid out. Or less laggy, or more stable, or or or … And on that day you’ll decide on that one certain distro, you know the one that somehow felt the best for you. And it most probably won’t be any of Orca’s faves!

Until that day may I urge you to try out at least one or two distros from each of the great families and with as many different desktop flavours as you can sample? Because, you know, nothing is faster and easier than installing or at least live-testing new to you Linux distros. It’ll cost you nothing in financial terms and only a minimum of your precious time.

This is what Orca’s stepping off now. 🙂

These two guys talk rather nicely about some distros and their pros and cons without entering missionary mode. 😉




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