• I’m not a huge fan of political correctness neither. At least not when it’s about the self-censoring political correct speech likem you can’t say fuck no more and stuff like that.
      But if an official Trump supporter has such low political restraint, and drifts off into highly surreal comparisons and heavy insults, that’s a whole different thing. If that guy acts like a 3 yo toddler he undermines the whole campaign and renders Trump as uneligable. He could only get away with it because Hillary. She was Trump’s de facto best tool.


    • But but but BUUUT: What has the American presidency to do with getting the world back into proper order? The USA is in shambles right now, drowning in debts, most unloyal ally, daily changing enemy … not a country anyone wants or needs as world police. Particularly if they are changing their objective that often. And most of all, the US openly and frankly tries to destablize whole regions on the world, by that causing more chaos than order.
      Thanks, but no thanks. I know your whole economy depends on selling and destroying weapons, but that’s not a model I’d call proper in any way.
      My money is on BRICS. Those rejects, once too dirty/poor for you to consider, are passing you left and right. And most importantly: They are showing a much friendlier face and are much nicer than America. It’s time for Europe to change its tune, turn away from American compromat and bullydom and turn towards BRICS. The Russian and Chinese markets are much bigger and more important and profitable anyway.


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