Sittin’ on the Fence

Was out to get some groceries and when I came back …

This is our garden fence from the outside.
There are many like it but this garden fence is ours.
Now complex management have started replacing all our wooden fences with concrete wood look-alike shit. 😮

Whoa, I find it quite shocking. I mean, ok, using concrete will save a lot of maintenance work and money BUT! Usually we get to vote for all kinds of insignificant unimportant stuff but when it’s about something that will change the look of our properties drastically, the trusted trustees just go ahead and do their thing without even asking.

Methinks they should better concentrate on getting fiber laid out inside the complex. That’s something we all, or at least me, would need urgently. Not fukn concrete garden walls.


    • Aaaaaaw. Rose, a Like for my post doesn’t equal a Like for the fukn concrete walls. I find them as terrible as you. And my hubby even became like very angry about that shit. The old wooden fences gave him an option to peek out into common ground from time to time. He’s wheelchair bound and the concrete walls will block his view like totally. I fear this will look like very claustrophobic from the inside.

      Yes, they don’t even fit. When I asked the workers about it today they told me they’ll have to adjust all the concrete foundations and put them like 10 cm deeper in the ground. I wonder how many of our plants they’ll destroy in the process. What a terrible mess. :..(

      I’ll have a word with the chairman of the trustees later today. He’s a very nice married gay guy and his husband is on the board of trustees as well. I can’t imagine for the life of me how they could ever gave the go-ahead for this fugly shit.

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