Rainbow Glitter Poop?



When I found this article mentioned on Rose Brightflame’s blog I first couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I refused to believe what I actually could see. But now, after realizing that a rather influential country on our planet will decide for their leader by choosing between only two surviving candidates, both of them certified sociopaths, liars and crooks and warmongers I thought well … Fuck It! Shit can’t be anymore crazy than that. So why not running with this funny story as well?



    • Yes, indeed. Fukn Brits already had their big fukup for 2016. 🙂 Murkins reacted like “I can do you one better, hold my beer …”
      Apart from that I don’t know what bubble there was to burst in my very short commentary. I just compared two different story opportunities. And since the US story is just too depressing for words I decided to run with the funny British one and poop magic glitter.


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