Orca Made a Mistake! :o

According to yesterday’s distro review of Solus Linux it was the first time for me to have a look at that brandspanking new system. Errrm, yes, I was wrong. 😦


Back in August of this year – so not too long ago, right? – I had already installed Solus and gave it a brief look over. Doesn’t matter that it was an earlier version and I did use the original Budgie desktop environment, things like that shouldn’t happen to a know-it-all wannabe clever girl like Orca.

I’m deeply ashamed. :..(

Apart from that I gotta say Ikey’s one-man-operation made quite good progress since August. As you might remember I wasn’t a huge fan of the Budgie desktop so the newly added MATE DE won me over, as did the enormous speed and zippyness of Solus. I guess I can now give Solus the Orca Seal of Approval as it is probably my very own Travel OS in the future. Should you personally try out Solus as your first stepping stone into the Linux infrastructure? Naaaaw. There are much yummier Linuxes out there, more comfy, less problematic, with much bigger communities and support level. Stick with one of those.



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