GitS: A Sneek Peek

It’s just a short scene, but a scene every Ghost in the Shell connoisseur should recognize immediately. Now don’t ask me from which movie or series season it is exactly – I guess the original 1995 movie – but it’s nearly 1:1 taken off that anime.

Yes, found it in the first movie …

And that’s it. I guess I’ve made myself and my dispointment with the  crass miscasting of Scarlett Johansson as Major Kusanagi quite clear often enough already. And it doesn’t matter. Not at all. As we could clearly see in the teaser trailers and this sneek peek it is too late now to replace ScarJo with a real Japanese Actress. And it’s not as bad as I feared it’ll be, since ScarJo is the bestest western action actress right now and she looks quite okay with black hair. Not as planned and not as imagined by 99.9% of GitS pundits. But this is Hollywood … and we don’t expect anything even remotely correct coming out of Tinseltown anymore, or do we?

And here we have again all teasers up to now …

Hmmm, guess this was obviously the last teaser, as premiere in Tokyo will be on Nov. 13. Hoooh! Let’s hope it won’t take too long until it opens in our theaters as well.


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