The New MacBook Pro 2016 …

… obviously can’t walk and chew gum at the same time:

photoHey, this ain’t just me, this is Louis Rossman, professional Apple repair guy and full of knowledge n stuff. He proves what kind of crappola Apple’s trying to sell you these days. So even if you go forth and get all the needed dongles to connect stuff to your less is more FashionBook Pro, it just won’t work properly anymore.

Add to that the really really underpowered processor and ridiculously low amount of RAM and storage and you’ll know too that Apple’s taken you for a ride. Sammie, Béa, don’t be daft, don’t be stubborn, it’s time to get away from that cancerous infrastructure.


No shiny sparkling recommendation by Thar She Blows! for this piece of garbage!



  1. OHHh dear Orcs i’m not daft no way i’d ever get one of those I’m may be an apple girl BUT there is a limit BTW i’m now my on a droid phone RIP Apple still got my 27 inch imac however but it’s getting old

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    • A computer that’s getting old is usually considered a perfect candidate for a life-saving Linux installation. Although I see it a bit different with Macs. These machines are perectly tuned to work with their specific OS. And as we all know MacOS is an OpenBSD derivative, so even more Unix than Linux. I’d keep that machine in original condition. Linux won’t make it any faster. Only shows the fountain of youth effects in ex-Windows machines.


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