New Designs by Ali Vultee

This sweet Italian girl came up with a lot of new designs and paints lately, to make your boats stand out and look like really bootifull! 🙂

Aaaaw, my old favourite Bandit boat. Usually a weekender but used by me to cruise the whole grid. And turned into a wooden boat very tastefully by Ali Vultee:


Of course she’s made all kinds of fancy textures with love for the bigger Bandits as well. Here we see the Hallberg Rassy clone Bandit 50:


… and here the even more oldfashioned motorsailer Bandit 55. Ali captures the style quite nicely:


She did the same with the even biggerer Bandit 60. The clientéle for these kind of yachts don’t want flashy cartoonish paints but quality wood varnish … and Ali knows that:


In RL the IF is a strange boat, an acquired taste. Oldfashioned by design but sailed by the young and hip first-time owners. And again Ali gives us flashy as well as traditional colour schemes:


And, yes, she even works her magic on nasty powerboats. Although I gotta admit the Destino looks like a rather yummy little beast. Kinda cute even. =^.^=


Now for the racey speedfreaks crowd, Ali made wooden textures for the foiling Flying Shadow catamaran. I guess in hitec circles stuff like that is called “deceleration”.


YUM! A favourite of the rich and stylish is the Pacha 110, and Ali gives it “the edge” with some tastefully adorned flourid neon sprinkles.


By now an old stalwart for the single sailor who only cares about sailing and not much anything else, is the Q-2m. Ali knows exactly how to make this multipurpose boat shine in every aspect:


In addition to the standard RL aluminium hull, Ali made some very nice wooden hulls and decks. The 2m looks good in all guises.


I rather like that Ush… Ushu…whateverthingamajig; not only as a boat but aren’t Ali’s textures just adorable?


The Ushi is one of those chameleon yachts that will look good in classic and modern and even ultramodern designs, as perfectly demonstrated by Ali:



You know, when he’s right he’s right.

Look for Ali Vultee’s boat designs either in world or on the SL Marketplace. Of course the first option is preferable. However I guess it would be best to contact Ali with your own ideas and get something really individual.



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