The Linux Crisis! :o


Huh? No, I’m not mad. Linux isn’t in crisis. Quite the contrary, it’s becoming better and better, ever more mainstream, easy to install and operate and all kinds of good. It’s more something of a personal crisis, or a crisis of this blog that I have with Linux. And it’s partly because of Linux’s general greatness that my blog is facing this crisis.

If you care to remember I wrote quite a lot about this nifty  operating system, right? I reviewed some distros, I tried to give you some background knowledge and insight into the topic of Linux. Heck, I even went so far as to hand out unwanted recommendations and lists of types of Linuxes and what I’d personally recommend for different user types.

linuxlogotextAnd now that I’ve done that I feel strangely exhausted and empty and out of breath. I just don’t feel like testing another distro, particularly if I know already before I download it that I’ll end up disppointed by it and wouldn’t have anything nice about it to report. RL Orca, the editrix, has found her personal distro already long ago, including a back-up emergency and a travel distro for her weak netbook.

I know what I’d install and use in a dozen different use-cases, and I told you about all the options and alternatives. But here once again, just for you the stuff I’d use. It’s just recommendations, personal taste:

On your main desktop, your production and SL playing machine: Manjaro MATE or Cinnamon


On your granny’s old computer: Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) MATE or Cinnamon

When you’re a total n00b: Linux Lite (which features the XFCE desktop) or Ubuntu MATE

On your netbook: Manjaro XFCE, LXQT, LXDE

See what I did there? See the pattern? Yes, thank you, it’s true. I’m an old coward and lazy bum, not very much up for experiments.


So, as you might imagine, I don’t see much reason to review many more distros just for the sake of testing and failing. There ain’t nothing really new coming out of the Linux world right now. It’s all a comfortable environment for old people, no reason to change it soon.

You can see the same happening all over the Linux community. Hardly any excited videos about the lastest software on YouTube anymore, the Linux community works like a well-oiled engine and purrs like a cat. It’s easier and more secure and needs less maintenance than Windows and not nearly as complex as MacOS. And cheaper it’s too. But you already knew that, so I can spare any more commentary on the topic of Linux.


What does that mean for the future of Thar She Blows!? No more Linux on this URL? Naaaw, I couldn’t live without. But maybe … what? Fuck, I have no idea. 😦

Any of you know what I must do now?


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