Must have been longer than some residents’ lifespans in Second Life since I last talked to my good old friend Tasha Kostolany. So today, no actually yesterday morning, we met and chatted for quite a while. Was good to see the bishie again. 😉


Contrary to me Tasha is still kinda busy with her yacht club, Tradewinds YC. Dunno in which capacity but I’m hearing she’s stirring the shit there with Hillary propaganda. Doesn’t matter. Much more interesting is that she’s got a new “Boi”friend and found a new home in the sky above some location far away from Dex. Didn’t know what a nifty builder Tasha has become, her multilevel skyhome is pretty spectacular … she’s even runing out of prims now. 😉

Oh, we talked about this and that and lots of other things. You know how it is, when two girls get into chatty mode there is no stopping it.

So I guess life, at least the Second Life, is treating us old ladies well. Too bad tho we both had to zoom back into the real life stuff after a while. Fortunately I could persuade blog- and social media hater Tasha to have a peek at Thar She Blows! Dunno if she’s stalking me now, as everybody should do. But I guess she won’t be able to resist much longer anyway. 😉




  1. Tasha has indeed been stirring the shit, and though I come to SL to escape RL, I did dig my anti-Drumpf hat for a few minutes.

    But what I really want to say has to do with your archive post, attached to this one, that mentions the old TYC website. I really miss fora for general sailing discussions — the two I read regularly seem to have devolved into sports pages, listing a few clubs’ race results with scant narrative, or posting youtubes of RL sailing events. North Sea Racing scribes at least give a real play-by-play, but again, not much if anything in the way of open commentary about sailing in SL.

    That leaves you, dear Orca, as the only SL sailor blogger I know of who actually encourages such discussion anymore. So what do you think? Why have the fora gotten so tame and boring? I’m not advocating for civil wars, just want some interesting stuff to read with my morning espresso.

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    • Me? A SL sailor blogger? Hun, I don’t even sail anymore. Ok, with the exception of short tests when I get boats sent to me by one or the other of our esteemed boatwrights.
      And you’re correct about our fora, forae, fori, whatevers. They used to be much more lively in the past. That was when we were all sharing one forum and weren’t split up in two. And it was back when we still had real strong-headed, clever SL sailing legends among us … and shit-stirrers like Don and MTW and Jane and others. There was always something to get excited and/or angry about going on. Also the forum was tightly integrated into the bigger network of SL sailing internet presentation by personal websites and blogs.
      Of course I encourage discussion on my blog. Also discussion about sailing matters … but the problem is that I don’t have enough sailing content people want to discuss. That’s why I encourage all of my readers to become blog contributors, staff members, editors themselves … or start their own true sailing blogs.
      Yes, Luna, I’m talking to you. Directly. You didn’t bring up the nerve to switch to Linux, so what about making up for it by doing your own SL Sailing column @Thar She Blows!? I have already titles for it in mind:
      Seasick with Luna
      Hoisting Sails with Luna
      Feeding the Fishes with Luna

      Or start your own cooking column: Eating Tuna with Luna. 😉

      And, c’mon, you know that SL is a selfmade world. That translates into: You gotta write the interesting stuff to read with your morning espresso yourself as well. Sorry. But hey, that gives me an idea for your own short opinion column on Thar She Blows!: Have a cuppa – with Luna.

      What say you?


  2. Seasick with Luna made me laugh aloud, the BEST way to start any day!! 🙂

    Maybe all the salts have already discussed everything that needs discussing prior to my SL arrival two years ago.

    The next time I have a burning need to vent or praise, I’ll do it here.

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      • Yes, they were. And they were a good example for a blog wasted. Of course if you hang up your whole blog on one particular topic and that topic becomes null and void … so becomes your blog. Although I see the Hotlaps are going on which bears some questions. Why did Ginger stop the interviews? Who’s doing them now? You seem to be much closer to the topic than Orca or anybody else, so why don’t you take over from Ginger? Heyyy, you could also take over the Rockstar interviews for Thar She Blows! Orca was really lazy with those lately …


    • But do so in the blog proper, please! Everybody and their granny can vent in the comments, that’s so pedestrian and from yesterday.


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