This Is Highly Peculiar!

Here, this:


This is one of the many many mails I receive at least thousand times a day where I’m tole or tellered how great I am and how super people find my bloggy. Don’t mind the empty, naked look, it’s Thunderfart‘s way of pretecting my privacy or whatever. And it’s not the topic of this post … for which I guaranteed will collect another Like from Rose. Tee hee, is almost as if my weirdly misaligned blog is some kinda social media or sumfink.

And I missed the topic again, although I had to say a thing or two about social media and the pressures it puts on harmless little bloggeristas. Social media is shit and we all should avoid it like the plague but hey, everybody needs a guilty pleasure, no? Hubby already deems me stupid because I leave all those backdors open on my computer for all the cookies and worse things. The fact that Linux protects us from the worst shit ain’t enough for him, he has a kinda Stallman-ish approach to privacy and security. But ugh, let’s just get on with this post …

It’s about your, the audience’s, the readership’s reactions to some of my posts. It’s nice, it’s cool, it shows me how much you love me (personally and sexually) and my written shit content. But sometimes I think some of you are maybe a little too wellmeaning. For example in the email I showed you above: Why  in the fudging hell should an oversexed and intellectual poet like Rose, who is a doctor in RL, and who posts mountains of text on her blog like every day, comment or give a Like on a kinda technical article about a Linux desktop environment? And then a post from way back in September. Why o why???

Was it a pitiful Like, a there there Like? I’m asking because I can’t really understand. No matter how much I feel honored and appreciated (couldn’t we all need more of that?), I just don’t get the reasoning behind Rose’s Like for such a piece of Linux propaganda. My approach to compliments is rather Japanese. And I simply refuse to believe that Rose, her OWL and her petwives, are on Linux systems themselves. No way! There is simply no way that a woman who depicts herself as a walking pair of tits in latex is using Linux!!!

Never a milk scarcity at the Brightflame’s home. I just can’t diverge my gaze. o0

Or is there?

Rose, hun, please, I beg you, please come forward and tell me your reasoning for all the Likes. I can’t live even one day longer with this uncertainty. It’s weighing me down and pressures little fragile me to no end! I need closure!

BTW, y’all should get your daily dose of Brightflame as well. Rose is a nifty writer and her photos are like picture riddles and fun to sort out and put the different body parts together in a way they make anatomical sense. 😉

Anyway, need to go out for some serious shopping now. Cya latex. Muahaha! 🙂




  1. Right lets get this out of the way .. a, i love reading your blog, there said it ( you can pay me later, mars bars are currency!) even the reblogged bits.. it is informative and usually pretty sane!:P b, i run windows 10 linux mint and ubunto ( tried several others mint is mint nuff said!) a word on the chest:P holding 48 gallons of milk( approx) each side . is a trick that most men wouldn’t even know where to start with:P (back support is available :P) being the largest chests on the sl seas is a honour i am willing and humbled to accept:P oh and I kin love your blog so when the morning is quiet i may, slide back a bit and has a look at the older stuff WHY? cos its fun to see where you came from to where you are . sorry to hear about the car btw hope you get her restarted and the donor car helps a bit.. .. Love and Sparkles Rose xx

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    • Soo cool to learn you’re a Linuxer as well. I’m not even asking you why you’re still dealing with that Win10 shit, you’ll have your reasons I assume. But why Mint + Ubuntu? That’s so totally redundant. Mint is like Ubuntu with magic sparkles and racing stripes, so no need to keep Ubuntu running as well. And one more hint: If you like Mint please consider the LMDE version, it foregos Ubuntu but is based on the Debian mothership, a bit faster and semi-rolling, always up to date (as far as Debian can be up to date) and just all around awesome. It’s what I’m using if my Manjaro breaks down.

      BTW, my car is kinda healthy again, the engine purrs like a kitten and slowly the guys get the electronics sorted as well. It’s 40 years old so I forgive it the one or other hiccup.


  2. on reflection , I am Irish you know, my ma used to say if you like something tell the person who did the something that you like it . clever old girl my ma miss her like mad!. Now as wp and thunderfart allow that sort of thing to happen I do so .. what i never get , and this is a general comment for the officanados out there .. is why you cant DISLIKE stuff cos there are blogs let me tell say that i would add dislikes just for them publishing it yeah i know its their right to publish what ever they wish just like it is for us .. but sheeesh !… i like ya stuff. if it makes me smile.. simples.. ( watches as orca goes through to see the ones i didn`t add a like to .. ) oversexed?.. you been reading my mail ? mwahahahhaa Rose x

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    • Yes, your ma was right. It’s just my personal approach, I just can’t deal with compliments. They make me blush n stuff and feel all uncomfortable.
      I’m also rather sparse with giving out Likes at other blogs … partly because I had a setting in Firefox that didn’t allow me to Like anything and to Follow any other blog. Got it fixed now. But mostly I don’t hand out Likes is because I’m simply too forgetful. :/


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