OBR, 2 Weeks Later

Remember the article about OBRevenge, the fresh new Arch Linux distro? No, of course not. It was too boring and Linux is far below your dignity anyway and you wouldn’t touch anything Linuxy with a 10′ pole, so why should you read and memorize Orca’s writeups, right?

If you’re really like this, you’re excused and may bugger off now. The rest of you … STAY RIGHT  WHERE YOU ARE! Pay attention and read this very short opinion piece. As you might remember now I called OBR “sweet easy”. Well, I’ll stick to that opinion, as OBR is really an easy piece of software. Easy to install, easy to grasp, easy to operate. And fast it is too and should be perfect for elderly laptops and netbooks, chromebooks n stuff.

Although I have second thoughts about the “sweet” part as OBR wasn’t as half as pleasurable to use as I initially assumed. :/

OBR slightly modded on my 2nd PC, with a MATE lookalike desktop. Didn’t help much tho. 😦

First blow to my good mood was that my silly netbook didn’t accept the OBR installation, grrr. Note to self: Never buy Acer again, never ever! They can keep their cheapo shit to themselves. There is no laptop cheap enough to justify all that crap.

Second negative point was exactly as I assumed: the nillywilly blend of ultralight OpenBox environment with the luxury of the MATE desktop unfortunately doesn’t work very well. Despite the more modern appearance OBR stays decidely an OpenBox system. For this sexy but lazy distro tester this combo needed too much thinking and try and error to get things done. So I won’t give OBR my 100% recommendation, not yet. But give OBR some time to mature and we’ll have the perfect little Arch distro at our hands.

The future of Arch Linux?

But not for you but for the more advanced Linux fraggles, the guys who know what they are doing, the slightly masochistic trouble seekers. We ladies, on the other hand, we want a distro that goes down smoothly with our afternoon tea, isn’t it? We love Ubuntu MATE, Mint LMDE, or the perfect Manjaro MATE or Cinnamon. But OBR ain’t one of those.

Until then I will recommend OBR nevertheless. For the more experimenting user. The developer, Jody James, even has kinda website now. Trust me, OBR will be going places!

If your PC is not a total weakling Manjaro is the way to go!


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