The Most Second Life-ish Chocolade Ever!



Imagine a magic unicorn with rainbow and glitter, what would it taste like?


Very serious business paper Handelsblatt reports about customers paying tenfold the original price. 😮


Like the very ingredients our lovely artificial world is made of: fairy dust, love and friendship, right? Sprinkle sprinkle …


Hour-long queue at Ritter’s “creative shop”.


Of course not, dummy! It tastes like artificial raspberry flavour and lots of sugar. It tastes like good business! And … PROFIT!!! Forget about stupid American president wannabes, forget about stupid war at the arse of the world, we’re joining the rainbow glitter mass-hysteria.




Killer profits for Germany’s cultish choco Ritter SPORT, a favourite of the masses with more flavours than  anyone can count. Not just kiddies, grown-ups love their Ritter as well. Hardly anyone who uses public transport on the way to work would pass the opportunity to get one or two chocolate bars from the subway kiosk: “Mornin’, gimme one pack of Marlboros and two Ritter hazelnut bars, please.” And now also with the very rare taste of the Special Edition  Unicorn (white chocolate with yogurt & raspberry cassis rainbow).

She’s pink! She glitters! You want her!


I guess this must be one of the cheapest chocolates to produce for Ritter. No nuts, no almonds; no expensive ingredients are needed to make this chocolate bar, only lots of love and magic. 😉


Glitter Alert! in the online shop.


Of course every magazine and website had to talk about it and Ritter Sport’s online shop servers broke down very shortly after Unicorn became available. And I guess for the first time in Ritter’s history they changed their slogan Square. Practical. Good. into Square. Magical. Good. Now stop! Unicorn, rainbow, glitter and pink … and now magic also thrown in the mix? Ritter, where are you gong with this? What are you doing to us, the magic-hungry masses of your chocolatey empire?




After the explosion in the chocolate factory, right now the site just says they are out of stock. 😮

I still don’t believe in the existence of unicorns but I know for a fact that business hypes are real … and they work. Every time and always. And that, boy and girls, that is indeed a kind of magic.


Fae Play


I bet this special edition flavour is right up our latest Linux convertee and future Orcablog contributor, Crystal Wingtips’ alley. Right, Crystal? =^.^=



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