It Really Pays …

… to be a Premium Member of Second Life. So claims at least our lovely lab, and honestly, this is one of the very fery few points in which we are in agreement. We all know what hapless unfortunates they are when it comes to intelligence, decision making and world planning .. and business in general. But when they are right they are right I suppose.


So, yes, ok we get more prims. But everybody gets those, honoured premium fraggle or not. What we get that the non-premiums won’t get is this fancy Alpha Robot Avatar … whatever. So I can’t really see what makes Premium so must-have. Really not.

BUUUUUT! But it’s a good deal anyway, particularly if you’re a jobless lazy bum like Orca. Because 300 L$ spending money each week, the ability to buy land directly from LL, 512 m² free tier – or a Linden Home – and access to almost griefer free premium sandboxes, those are the things which make being Premium worthwile. It was always like that. No special emails from the Lab were needed to reassure me of my correct decision.



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