Fuglier Sista

And here I was, quite surely assuming my Turd His Grey Eminence was the last of his kind, when my mechanic scored this …


One year older than Eminence and not even in any drivable condition. Mechanic now plans to get it running. I know there are still quite some Chevy Constantia/Kommando sedans around but the station wagons have all been ridden to death. Like this unsavoury thing.


LOL, the side panels were painted with some wood varnish. Okayyyyy…

Uuuuaaaarglllls! 😮 Compared to this shit …


… even the Eminence looks almost acceptable. 🙂

Maybe I should get the fugly sista off the mechanic so we have a donor car should I get involved in another fender bender. Hmmm, hm hm …

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