Yeah, for Everybody!

In accordance with yesterday’s news, and much to the relief of estate and even homestead/open space owners/renters, and particularly for the enjoyment of Amethyst Jetaime, the good Inara just posted even more positive stuffz …


Read all about it behind this link!

To make it short, we get more prims all around! Mainland, private, homestead and open space will all be upgraded! Yeah, until our proud ship Second Life gets too close to the sun, catches fire and assplodes in an impressive display of Hoo-ism! But until then let’s enjoy SLive.


  1. On our particular situation is a win win 1, we got a lot more prims on our mainland houses and also at our rented parcels across blake sea and our homestead.
    Still, i’m still advocating that this raise should be only for Mainland and private region connected to it and open to all.
    Sadly i know that it was almost impossible to filter that.
    But the use of closed walled region on second life is behind my understanding. Those who wish so are much better served in any way hosting them on open sim.
    There one can have up to 45000 prims and the size of 9 sl regions on a var region wihout crossing sims.

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      • Eden is an estate, sweetie,same as its neighbors Fruityland and North Sea. The whole conglomerate might be a bit bigger than your usual estate and all sims are connected BUT it’s not a continent! Continents are only the 7 LL created and owned landmasses. BUUUT that doesn’t matter in any way since the whole grid will benefit from the new prim/LI allowances, depending on type of the land.


        • From the SL Wiki:

          “Eden Continent is a standard example of tropical beach paradise. The average altitude is low (under 20 meters). The continent can be divided in 3 main divisions: Eden Estate, Central Waterways and Fruit Islands.”


          Now I will bug Elbag, as so far my prim allowance hasn’t increased.


          • Well, whoever wrote that Wiki was wrong. If Eden was indeed a continent it wouldn’t have
            a) holes/voids in between the sims
            b) there wouldn’t be a covenant
            c) there would be a lot of banlines/security orbs
            d) you wouldn’t bug Elbag but LL with all your problems
            e) oh, right, and you would pay tier to LL instead of rent to Elbag


  2. Good news for once! I hear Linden Homes go up to 175 LI (and I find LI is significantly different from prim count on my more recent bits of furniture and other things on places I rent and must stay within a strict limit).

    I’m hoping the ameliorates lag and region crossing issues while flying space and aircraft through my fave RP sim!

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    • LL justified the new prim allowances with the robustness of the new servers. Hmmm, hm, hm … with some unfortunately scripted vehicles I’m still crashing at almost every sim crossing. For example on my ongoing camping trip with that VW camper van. If I was the responsible person at LL I’d put more bias on sim-crossing and running scripts flawlessly than on more prims.
      I know a higher prim rate is more sexy and will lure more sheeples to SL though.


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