We’re No Longer Proud 1%er!

I dunno what to make of the following info graphic:



So, the number of Linux users shows a steady but very very slow upwards trend, right? Ya, big whoop-deedoo! Congratz and free beer all around. Fuck, for me the graphic shows something much more important, with much more impact on the long term expectancies we all have on Linux. It shows me that most Linux distros have matured to perfection, that Linx is usable by everyone, that Linux is easy and secure … that there are no big revolutionary developments and news  about Linux anymore, so the Linux websites and blogs have to resort to publishing such non-news as Linux’s “marketshare” in the last three months.

And, by the way, what blabbering bullshit is it to write about some totally insignificant shit like “the market” and what percentage of “the market” Linux has? Don’t these Linux journalists know their own subject, their own main topic? Do I really need to remind them of the very simple fact that …

… Linux is fucking free!!! The distribution, by its very nature, can’t neither be measured nor controlled. Even if some of the download server owners have numbers about how often their distro has been downloaded it doesn’t say anything about the true install base. Orca and her hubby alone have probably downloaded at least a hundred different Linux ISO files … which doesn’t say they necessarily have found their way onto our hard drives and were installed. We’re now having 4 PC with Linux running. According to statistics we should have at least 7 or 8 PCs, with roundabout 30 – 40 Linuxes installed right now.

linuxfoundIt’s all just bullshit and, sorry to say, propaganda. If the Linux Foundation, the Linux illuminati, the pundits and evangelists would do a decent job, Linux should have a “marketshare” of at least 5 or 6 percent. And we wouldn’t need to celebrate a hilariously low figure like 2% as if Linux had just conquered the fukn planet! Talking about Linux on the desktop here, as the internet and server market is already in Linux hands, since long and with an overwhelming market share of, dunno, way above 80%.

At least Joey-Elijah Sneddon, the guy who brought us the happy news, sees reason at the very end of his nonsensical article, when he writes:

But whatever these stats do or do not show is irrelevant: I use Linux because it’s better.

Yes, he’s correct in both statements: These stats are like totally insignificant. And, yes, Linux is better indeed. Now we can just hope that Elijah will join the small elite of self-determined computer users on Linux, who don’t give a wet towel about “the Market”.

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