On Heavy Rotation: Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Imagine if Alison Mosshart of The Kills had a slightly less sophisticated, less cool, more angry, more energetic and more punky sister, she’d be sounding like Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In fact have both bands/projects the same minimalistic, decidedly low-fi sound and can be easily confused in some songs.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are more upbeat, poppy and straight in most parts. Where Jamie Hince of The Kills celebrates every little sound he produces on guitar, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs giving us the complete package, kind of the sound like a real band.

Of course with their more traditional approach they are losing some sophistication and limiting themselves soundwise. Were Jamie and Alison are playfully combining sounds and making the best of being a two-piece project by heart, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are just a band with a rather default post-punkish sound.

Still the Yeah Yeah Yeahs music is enjoyable and cool and how to say it … more complete than The Kills’ output. They are a band, made from the same mold. Where The Kills are believable busking in the next metro station or in a fucked up cellar club or a slightly grungy lounge, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs definately belong on the stage. Apart from that they’re the same. 🙂

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs music appears to be fallen out of time, as if it comes straight from the early 80s, when post-punk was still a unidentifiable thing somewhere in the freedom of the grey zone in between punk, reggae, free jazz, soul, RnB, straight out rock and … easy listening dance pop. Oh yeah, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs definately have even a touch of disco!

Some videos anybody?









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