Moar Prims for All!!!

\o/ YAY! \o/ The Lab is buying a round! \o/ YAY! \o/

Of course only if you’re an oldfashioned premium member and hold some property on any mainland continent. I guess our good old lab has noticed that the grid’s gigantic and huge landmasses are mostly bereft of people so they could give us more prims to share.

Nice, eh?

I guess those cheapskate estate dwellers on the other hand, they  will get what they deserve: Nuffink!!!


Inara Pey just reported this!

Prim factor 2.00 Such many wow! With this latest development the lab basically declared each and every mainland parcel as prime prime property and turned us all into privilged Bay City residents … oh, wait. Does that mean Bay City now has a prim factor of 4.00? And is Bay City, as a quasi private estate, mainland in the original sense of the word?


  1. RE: “I guess those cheapskate estate dwellers on the other hand, they will get what they deserve: Nuffink!!!”
    Why are you dissing estate dwellers? They contribute to LL’s profit directly as estate owners and indirectly if they rent a parcel. Many of them, particularly creators, pay more in fees than typical premium members do. Also a lot of premium members own estate land because they prefer it over the anything goes mainland. Cheapskates we are not.

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    • Thanks for your very much appreciated opinion, Amethyst. Yes, I know it’s not a crime to live in estates, me myself has earned her living selling estate land until the open space scandal of ’08. I know you guys are paying your duty, even more so than we 1st class citizens. LOL 🙂
      But you must understand that nothing in this blog is 100% serious, and your good ole Orca loves to take the piss out of people. And now get outta my hair, cheapskate! :)))


  2. Well now it is all old news. Still i keep pointing the finger to those who wish to have closed regions on second life, they are much better served on Open sims.
    The only advantage of second life right now is mainland, as all the rest Open sim already surpasses or is even 1 million miles away, like on Npc scripts and Var regions.

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    • Ya. And now we know why LL is still clinging onto their old walled garden principle. If we could just hop from Nautilus to North Sea in one TP, like it is now, Elbag could indeed take his estate and go somewhere else. It’ sjust the problem that you first gotta log out and log back into another world with another avie, that would keep his visitor and renter numbers down.
      It’s just too complicated and people are too lazy (I know I am!) to make it a feasable idea to move his operation over to a Var region. Or maybe he’s just ignorant and doesn’t know about the options.

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