You May Try Others …

… but in the end it’s always Back to Spunky Quality:


So Len (dontcha dare calling him Lenny) just made this homecoming video today …

For whatever reasons, you’ll always find your way back to the Arch Linux world, and once you’re there why not choose the Ubuntu of Arch, Manjaro?

Don’t get me wrong, guys, there are many nice distros to have  and to choose from; a whole plethora of different *buntus and *buntu derivatives, Debian based distros, Red Hat/Fedora stuff, designated beginners distros, intermediate distros, ladifuckingda …

And in the end, after some weeks/months of restless distro hopping, after you know your way around all that stuff, you’ll always end up with either a Gentoo or an Arch system. And Gentoo is just too geeky only for the purpose of being geeky. You really need to be some computer scientist or masochist to get it even installed on your hardware, so we stick with the much more girly friendly Arch and the even more girlyfied Manjaro. 🙂 Because reasons, hehe. One of those reasons being the promised simplicity, the painless and easy installation process (Manjaro’s Calamares installer doesn’t just sound yummy, it truly is) and the huuuge amount of desktops/window managers to choose from. Add to that a ginormous software repo and the most amazing community and you’ll feel right at home.

As a Manjaro fraggle you may rock wallpapers like this!

Talking about community, of course Ubuntu’s is much much much biggerer BUT … most people on *buntu forums are clueless aholes just like you and me. Brrr, we don’t wanna mingle with those but we look to exploit the knowhow of the true kool kidz, we want them to lift us up to a higher level of being, to the status of godlike geniuses. 🙂

And that’s the best thing about Manjaro: As a beginner you’ve probably tested the easy peasy desktops like Cinnamon, XFCE or MATE on your *buntu and Mint and other systems, and you love them now. So, yes, those are available with Manjaro at the base as well. So there won’t even be anything new to get used to, apart from some new command lines in your terminal … BUT who uses the fukn terminal anyway, eh? Ok, maniac system destroyers like your editrix … and you as well in a couple weeks. LOL! 🙂

Cya on the Arch side … Crystal? How’s you hopping along? Ready for the next step?

This Tux – who is the envy of all the other Tuxes – rocks Manjaro as well.

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