It’s Well Over a Year Ago …

… since Microsoft started the Win10 rollout. And what happened since then? Lots of bad stuff, right? You were spied upon, you had forced updates kicking you outta your software when you needed your computer the most, you had hardware incompabilities, the list goes on …


Wanna know what I did in the meantime? Oh, well, gotta admit I had my problems too, almost destroyed my good production and SL gaming machine. BUUUUT it was all my own fault, my own curiosity, my striving for more, faster, riskier softwares. It was not like any walled garden system like IOS or Windows did anything bad to me.

I didn’t end up like Erik Flom, never was in any danger of losing my shit in front of 130,000 followers.


I mean, ok, I’m not a streamer BUT if I were I’d never ever do it on an unreliable POS like Win10. Imagine you’re racing in some big SL cup regatta. You fought your way through to the finals, and now you’re facing off against the 6 or 7 hottest Fizz sailors on the grid. And in the last race, the all deciding finale, Windows decides you’re in desperate need of an update and … kicks you out of SL. 😦

Well, for me that’s a dealbreaker right there.

Kidz, don’t let this happen to you!

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