Camping Trip With Phree

Hitting the road: Phree (left) and Orca (right) at the Martindale rez zone.

Phree Radikal is my youngest and most spunky altsister. Guess from all the bunch I like her the best. It shows in the little fact that she’s my only alt who’s not totally penniless. To my own surprise I found her carrying almost 40 L$ when I reanimated her for the camping trip. But psssht, please don’t tell OhOrca Oh and Mowry Rubble. They get jealous. Anyway, today she joined me for another part of my gridwide camping trip.

“Ready? Let’s roll!” Today we’ll do the second part of Jeogeot’s North-Western peninsula.
Phree had to take a wee pee break … but this gas station on Route 10 looked too fucked up even for her freethinking spirit.
The terraforming is kinda hilly, not montanious but nicely versatile and makes a good riding experience.
After a boring drive we’ll finally having some side channel of the Jeogeot Inlet on our left side. Let’s see if we can find a beach and a campsite here.
Not really a beach but maybe – with some trickery – we can park on that dock over night?
WTF??? Fucking simborder directly at the descending road + a zealot security system destroys our van and tosses us into the ocean. 😦 That’s not to our liking, so we decide to get on with our tour …
… until the next simborder plays its tricks on us. But no problem, these things look more spectacular than they really are. This time we’re landing save and sound back on the road.
YAY! This must be one of the friendliest gas stations on the grid. At least it ain’t one of the mass-produced Shell stations as  we know them from my earlier ridin’stories.
Dinosaur jr. on full blast in the car stereo and a sunny day. Life can’t be better!
The tunnel back to Jeogeot’s huge mainland mass is made from Linden nightmares. The descent into the deep is very demanding for both, driver and vehicle. But I manage to keep control over the camper and …
… pooh! Made it. 🙂 The climb back up reduces our speed to a slowslow crawl. Unfortunately I couldn’t shift into a higher gear, because for that I’d need to take the foot off the accelerator pedal. :/
But in the end we made it.
Not even 20 meters ahead we see Jimbo’s Rock Café on the Water.
And wow, this is a nice place to stay for the night. We find a place next to some other weary travellers and have some beers and burgers from Jimbo’s kitchen.
This is heaven for hungry and tired travellers.
Phree and me have a lot to talk about so we retire into the cozy cabin of our camper.
Quite contrary to our other two sisters we decide to share the next part of the trip as well.
Not quite sure yet where to go next. I guess here on Jeogeot we won’t find any beachy places near by a Linden route, so we should maybe try Corsica next. Or the North of Nautilus. Let’s see. Until then, Phree says byeee. 😉

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