Will They Ever Learn?



Look, guys, if even ultra capitalist corporations like Google, Amazon and Verisign telling you how badly your pirate hunting habit is for the Internet as a whole, why can’t you listen to reason for once? They don’t mean you no harm, they are your allies in profiteering!!! can’t you see that?

Of course, little Orcsi can sit at her desk at the end of the end of the world and trying to talk some sense into you. If you ignore her it’s ok … more than ok actually. Little bitch is known as a misbehaving techno commie and friend of humanity. So best ignore her.

But now your own bothers in capital are telling you the same as Mrs. Flotta always did. Listen here:

The I2Coalition submitted a rebuttal to the USTR this week in which they outline their concerns. They warn that if the MPAA and RIAA have their way, the entire Internet could be put at risk.

“Certain submissions favor an approach to intellectual property and infringement protections that would be harmful to the Internet infrastructure marketplace, and therefore to the Internet itself, as well as the global U.S. and global economies,” they write.

The main problem is that the entertainment industry groups “vilify” specific technologies instead of the marketplaces themselves, as the Special 301 process is supposed to do.

For example, MPAA’s characterization of Cloudflare as a service that creates “obstacles to enforcement” as it helps pirate sites to “hide,” is inappropriate according to the coalition.

“Technologies themselves cannot be bad actors. Further, a number of submissions characterize technologies and those using the technologies using unnecessarily inflammatory language.”

Exactly! MPAA and RIAA are only happy once the Internet is no more. But then … lol, they’d lose ALL profits. They are just too stupid to see the causal chain between “The Internet” and “Profits from the internet marketplace”.


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