Let’s Do Some Cultural Artsy-Fartsy Stuff

After Inara and RiverPearl have both written very classy and favourably about Monochrome (Black, White and Red), the art installation at LEA21, by Giovanna Cerise, I thought sending out one of my reporters too won’t do any harm. And indeed it didn’t. Didn’t help tho, neither.

Since no staff members were available at these ungodly hours I wenteleported to the Linden’s arty sims myself. If you wanna get something done right you gotta do it yourself!

But my visit of Giovanna’s exhibit wasn’t very inspiring or enlightening neither, I gotta say. Stupid me didn’t read any of the articles by Inara and RiverPearl before I went there, so immediately I felt a bit lost. Even though Monochrome has the normal 1 sim footprint it’s kinda very confusing and doesn’t offer many spaces to land and stand there. Whever I tried to land I imediately fell thru the floor. 😮

And anyway, what’s that with the colour seperation in an exhibit called monochrome? Hardly any real deep Black was visible, so all I gotta see were at least 50 shades of grey … as it should be. And where was the promised Red?

Okay, after peeking into River’s blog I noticed Monochrome was supposed to be a multilevel exhibit, so the Red part was probably located somewhere far below or above me. Judging by River’s photo of the Red it looks more like one of those typical griefer attacks of old. You know those multiplying particle cubes with photos of penises on them.

However, if the artist themselves won’t provide any information at the landing point, the installation has to be self-explanatory. It needs a kinda guidance system or explanation on how to best approach this particular exhibition. But nada was available.

Nitpicking aside there wasn’t much of worthwile content to see at Monochrome. The numerous 3D objects were built on beginner’s level, with the only exception of 3 figures in the central part. They seem to be trying to untangle some cable or wire mess. The meaning of all that escaped me. All the rest was just a collection of fluff.

CONCLUSION: Monochrome is more decor than design and more design than art.

WATCH IT? Not necessarily.



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