I Don’t Wanna Live On This Planet Anymore!

These are just three of the headlines of today, October 27, 2016:




… and if the Clinton woman wins the election chances are I don’t have to live on this planet much longer. In fact none of us has to … or will be able to live here anymore. Or do you have a reserved place in the bunker?

What are those fucks doing???

Anyhoo, time to be afraid has passed, it’s too late now to live in fear of the USA. From now on you’ll find me in full sarcasm mode.


    • But … butbut, I don’t wanna get hit by a giant meteor, pleeze. Ok, neither by one of Hillary’s bombs … nor by one of Putin’s (although I hear they are friendlier), so … ugh fuck, I just don’t wanna get hit at all. Can’t all those bullies just go outside and handle their differences someplace else? Not on my fucking planet! Not on my watch!


    • Did ya? Well, I knew sumfink iike this would happen since years already. America will explode from the inside out and the ripples will be felt all over our little rock.


    • Ya. But Mars is soooo boring. I hear the local population is stretched very thin and the nightlife sucks. Hardly any cool clubs there. On the other hand property prices are still fairly low, which would give me the opportunity to build a huge fukn palace. Hmmmm …


    • Yes yes, I’ve heard about Musk’s plans to colonise Mars already. Also heard about some other private initiative to establish a colony on Mars … weren’t they even Dutch?


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