Congratz, Hamlet. ;)


Whoa! Yes, what a clever and all-knowing guy our dear Hamlet (Wagner James Au) is. He truly  came to the right conclusion. That’s applaudable. And it obviously needs the expertise of such an old expert and ex-Linden to come up with such worthy statements.

Too bad only that he and the Wired reporter could have just read a lot of other SL blogs and forum  discussions to get to such a clever conclusion already weeks – if not months – ago. For example they could have read all about this sad affair in Thar She Blows!, where editrix Orca was warning of the same unfortunate development as early as November 2015 and the gutting of SL by LL in April of 2016. And slowpoke Orca wasn’t the first, by far not.

What I’m also saying since years already is that Hamlet has lost contact with SL and lives in the dreamworld of SL’s past, like 2003 or so. He even claims, despite contrary statements by The Lab that SL is a game. LOL. Was with the lab since the beginning but didn’t get the basic idea of Virtual Worlds. That’s what is so truly sad about NWN.

Anyhoo, Ebbe is busy gutting SL’s workforce and finances and bets it all on the wobbly Project Sansar bank. A highly risky gamble. No, not even that; it’s a recipe for fukn catastrophe! 😦 Because with his admittance to do so he quasi told all SL residents not to invest in anything SL anymore. For many of us it was the start shot to sell or abandon our property and cancel our Premium Memberships. You know, like the rats leaving the sinking ship …

However, I find this circle jerk of journos and experts quite cute. It’s always the same old faces in their wannabe profound expertise, being asked for statements and share said knowledge with the unwashed masses. Too bad only that this again was a case of a lazy as fuck journo, asking for outdated wisdom, while the unwashed masses are already much closer to the action and much better informed.

And then they wonder why nobody’s reading their gazettes anymore. And it’s true: I still keep Wired in my bookmarks as part of my daily patrol but hardly ever do I find interesting material for my bloggy on their page.

But the main culprits aren’t wannabe experts and bad journalists but a completely desensitized and blind LL CEO and his board of directors. That SL is still a thing, after 13 years, is a fucking wonder. Particularly if you consider all their bad decisions of the past. They should be so lucky to have such committed customers, who are happy to be able to do their things in Linden Lab’s world. But LL shouldn’t go much farther in their ignorance and incompetence. Sooner or later even the most mellow persons’s patience will run out and then LL will end up cut off all income stream. Mark my words!



  1. Sadly i can not access anymore He’s website at work, damn firewalls:(
    Sadly cause no matter waht, is still the blog where one can discuss and say bad things about Ll without being blocked, as i was from other, “Official” ones.

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    • I just tested, for me it still works. Hamlet hasn’t read my article … obviously. Once I was banned from writing any commentary on his blog, after MTW prompted him to do so. Afterall they are both untrustworthy USAmericans, profit hungry partners in crime and sloppyness. I guess that counts for more than being a good jounalist. 😦


  2. Jane/Joe Average Resident will not participate in an economic system that has been completely rigged to benefit the top 1% at their expense.

    When Grandfathered Tier was rolled out in the Fall of 2006 it marked the turning point for SL. See Jane and or Joe Average may be slow but they aren’t stupid. They can add 2 + 2 for themselves.

    Jane/Joe saw the LL Board (Mitch Kapor) giving a 33.3% minimum business advantage to their competitors – Grandfathered Tier. The Smart Money bailed out early. The true believers stayed for a few years more hoping the LL board would see the light. The LL board is incapable of “seeing the light”. That would mean they have to admit they were WRONG. Their arrogance and hubris prevent that from happening.

    The LL board killed the golden goose. They pissed off our money on one failed project after another. And the latest – Sansar – is also going down in flames. The LL board is actually trying to sell Sansar as a platform for Business users to do teleconferencing on. A boardroom full of MBA’s with VR Googles on??? Are they all on CRACK??? Got any other bright ideas for use of Sansar??? What a record to be proud of! LMAO!!

    And the Turkey Buzzard goes… Hiss 😉

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