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Dory is a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss every 10 seconds or so. The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. Dory now knows that her family reunion will only happen if she can save mom and dad from captivity.

IMDb: 7.7


I don’t know how you liked the character Dory (Ellen Degeneres) in Finding Nemo, for me she was almost on par with Jar Jar Binks in regards of nerve wrecking stupidity. And now, 13 years after the super funny and creative Nemo this flakey blue fish has gotten her own movie??? Fuck me blind and raise my rent, Disney/Pixar are really grabbing for straws now. Or do they?


When I read the reviews on the YTS site my worst fears were confirmed as the three critics rated Dory 1 and 3 out of 10, which stands in stark contrast to IMDb’s swarm intelligence rating of 7.7. So it was on hubby and me to decide for ourselves if Finding Dory was really as bad as we imagined it to be.


Short answer: No.

Finding Dory was an entertaining movie, even kinda funny. I guess for the envisioned target group of young children and their equally silly parents it would’ve been even really funny. For hardcore movie afficionados it didn’t reach the quality of Finding Nemo but was still strong enough to keep two middle aged grumpy Germans entertained and with a silly smile on our faces most of the time.


In big parts this success was due to the fact that Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and his father Marlin (Albert Brooks) played important supporting roles, so Dory wasn’t left entirely on her own devices.


In fact Dory was never really alone in this movie but was always surrounded by various characters and groups of other fish.


If there was one fishy character to stand out from the rest of the ensemble it was Hank (Ed O’Neill) as a 7-tentacled Octopus (Septopus), who was hilarious … and hilariously unbelievable. But that aside he was responsible for the most funny moments, while Dory was just her stupid self.


What isn’t of any importance for the 6 y/o movie audience member but a nuisance for us kinda adult viewers were the many factual errors in the script. That a Whale Shark is a shark, not a whale, I knew already when I was 6 y/o, and I’d laughed about those stupid filmmakers.


There are some more technical and logic mistakes in Finding Dory but we don’t wanna get too nitpicky now, do we? Just sayin’ that the quality control at Pixar Studios isn’t as good as it once used to be. Dunno if that is Disney’s bad influence or something else.


On thing that must be said is the breathtaking technical gap between Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016). Particularly the “puppetry” and the backgrounds are so so much better nowadays that we for once almost forgot we weren’t watching one of those charming great oldstyle Disney movies but something that was completely made in a computer.


The story itself was rather bland, as you can imagine. Dory is trying to find her parents and her old home. That task becomes quite complicated as she suffers from terrible short term memory loss. So Dory kinda reboots every ten seconds, which doesn’t help in terms of character development and pacing of the movie.


Fortunately various “cast members” reacted similar to hubby and  me and rolled their fishy eyes when Dory was becoming too annoying.


At the end of the day we gotta say Finding Dory wasn’t a good movie. But it was not as bad as we feared but was really watchable and even kinda amusing. If you gotta treat a little kid to a movie, and don’t have high expectations you could do worse than going for Finding Dory.


CONCLUSION: Finding Dory is a disappointing sequel of Finding Nemo in all regards but it’s very colourful and still good and entertaining enough so it won’t hurt to watch it.


WATCH IT? Not necessarily, no. But if you’re sitting at home with nothing to do but sipping coffee and muching on mountains of cake, Finding Dory can be a pleasant time waster.




And here, for your viewing pleasure, the Onion‘s very unique point of view.


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