I Hate My Car!

His Grey Eminence stranded at the gym … once more.

Yes, our lovely Grey Eminence. That old wreck is wrecking my nerves. Bad car, very bad car. Radiator fan belt spooled of its wheely thingy … again. Fukn thing does it every couple days, resulting in loss of powersteering and radiator steaming in a couple minutes.

Fan belt not where it belongs.

Today it happened on my way to the gym. Could just get into the safe zone of the fitness club’s parking lot. Was already the second time the old Chevy left me stranded there. So I asked my brave mechanic to come there and help me out …

Norman the mechanic.

And what can I tell you? Norman told me I can drive home but better bring the car in tomorrow morning for repair. Dunno how often I’ve already told him to fix that thing for good. Seems His Eminence stubbornly refuses to get himself repaired. :/ Anyhoo, on the way home I made a short stop at the convenience store where I purchased some yoghurt and bananas and egg salad and tomato sandwiches. And when I started the car again I noticed right away the fan belt had jumped off again. 😮  😦


With all the money we’ve poured into the car by now we could’ve bought a perfectly fine used vehicle in mint condition. Some old boring but super reliable Toyota … heck, we could’ve gotten two of those. Then on the other hand they’d be Toyotas. And where is the fun in that?


    • Yesyes, Tom, it’s what the mechanic is about to do today. He already did it a couple times but always after some weeks the belt snaps off again. Guess we need to use stronger steel as backplate for the pulleye. We’ll see …


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