On Heavy Rotation: Graham Coxon

NPG 6593(2); Graham Coxon by Julian Opie


What became of the most iconic horn-rims in brit-pop after Graham Coxon left/was kicked out off Blur? Fortunately he’s more than just his trademark glasses but a nifty songwriter and the 15th greatest guitarist in the last 30 years (BBC poll). So of course he went on making music. Great music even.

Graham Coxon

It’s almost like Johnny Marr‘s story, of which we learnt later that he was not only the guitarist but the main songwriter and driving force behind The Smith. Now is Coxon not even nearly as good a guitarist as Marr but he’s playing a totally different style, so it’s not really comparable.



At least is Coxon famous and accomplished enough as a guitarist to be honoured with his own Signature Guitar, which is – how could it be any different? – his beloved Fender Telecaster. I’d even go so far and say the Tele is the most British guitar Fender’s ever built. But what do I know, just a clueless housewife and still, after playing guitar for nearly 40 years, in the search of the 4th chord. 😮 Anyway, it’s bullshit, since Leo Fender was as American as they come and probably never spent a single thought on the upcoming British Rock Explosion of the 60s and Blur’s Britpop of the 90s when he introduced the tele as his first electric guitar. But there’s something about the Tele’s sound, some twangy, almost squeachy quality that fits right in with the infamous British quirkyness.


Anyhoo, back to Graham Coxon and his solo career. He makes music, dunno how much of  a star he is nowadays, if he ever was one with Blur, but he keeps on making and playing and producing music. Fine music, funny, quirky, creative, ultra-british poprock-vignettes.


Listening to his ex-Blur colleague Damon Albarn‘s much more famous Gorillaz, his kinda nemesis Johnny Marr and Coxon‘s own records … I guess I prefer Coxon’s mostly upbeat, decidedly low-fi music over the others.


gc4Well, not saying that Graham Coxon is a godlike genius like Marr or commercially successful and famous as Albarn but he’s entertaining enough for me to keep him on heavy rotation in the comfort of my own home. And that’s what music is truly about, is it not? It’s gotta be right for us, personally, no matter how famous and good-looking the musicians are. Because good looks aren’t audible. And neither is fame.


So Hooray for the eternal art student, Hooray for horn-rimmed glasses, Hooray for stripey sweaters and smashed faces, Hooray for looking like death warmed up, as created by too many alcoholic beverages. So maybe I could call Graham Coxon’s Britpop miniatures my guilty pleasure. =^.^=


Some videos:


He’s playing a Gibson SG here. Yikes! :



Showing off his crib like a real star. 😉

He likes the Tele for exactly the same reasons everybody loves or hates it for.


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