LCC Aftercruise Party 23.10.2016


… @ The OrCafé. Yeah, it was some luck for me that Kitten found a space to schedule our Autonomous Collective’s LCC Outpost into her party calendar so early after I invited the club over to our place. Too bad only Lucy and Orca were in attendence while Sammie and the others were goofing off somewhere else.


When Kitten told me that although LCC has many new members and attendence at the cruises is very strong but only half of the cruisers coming to the afterparties, I was kinda shocked. That’s not how I remembered my cruising club which was traditionally a mobile party on the move and we had more dancers than sailors. 🙂


But Kitten was right. Of course she was right, being a clever kat and all. And so the number of attendees at the party indeed turned out to be quite manageable. A simple square of 20 x 20 meters, of which one quadrant is kinda lounge area, seemed to be too huge for the mighty LCC to cover the floorspace. 😮

Kitten and DJ Shakey


Nevertheless I hope the handful people had a nice time dancing to Shakey’s Eurodisco mix. The people who stay away are just too cheap to tip our DJs … is also something Kitten tellered me.


Many cruisers came already dressed in Helloween costumes, although LCC’s official Helloween cruise is next week I guess.

The usual sexyness of LCC cruisers. We sailorgirls are real sluts, aren’t we? 🙂

Anyway, thx everybody for coming. I hope you had a good enough time. OrCafé will go back into inventory now as I was hogging quite a bunch of prims for it. Even had to return Sammie’s houseboat before the party so we had enough prims available for cruisers to dock at our place. Sorry for that, hun. 😡

Will rez the much smaller Orcablog editorial office instead … or maybe just one of my comfy airships.

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