Why VR Fails

Luke of Linus Tech Tipps YT channel tries an explainification. It’s ok but I still think he’s ignoring the elephant in the room.

Watch the vid, break your own head and tell me why you think the sales of VR stuff are so far below expectations. And are you personally interested in VR, and would you spend actual money on it? Discussion is open in the comment section below …

Virtual Reality Helmet



  1. Okay, I make the start. While Luke’s arguments are quite right and cost is always a limiting factor, particularly in the beginning, there are other, much more subtle but also very important facts he doesn’t mention:

    1) Particularly for use on social platforms like SL and the future Sansar VR isn’t important at all. Most people log into SL to chat, shop, dance, party, experience concerts. They wouldn’t even think about spending extra money on top of their 300 $ bargain basement laptop for a better experience.
    2) For most SL residents it’s nothing but a spruced up facebook with silly cartoon avatars. That’s pretty much cool enough so there’s no need at all for real VR.
    3) Apart from the cost stuff there’s also the question of space. You need a bit of wiggleroom once you’re wearing the Octopus on your face because it makes you oblivious of your RL environment. And again, the masses of Virtual World users don’t even have decent workspaces at home. They are logging in from the comforts of their sofas and/or beds. Most won’t have enough free unused space in their apartments/houses.
    4) It’s clunky and complicated. Why do I have to wear a facehugger and warm up my 2,000 $$$ gaming computer just to check my group notices and IMs?
    5) For a majority of normal people virtual worlds and gaming are the only usage scenarios for VR. They aren’t brain surgeons, architects, microbiologists or other scientis with a real use for VR applications. And while my computer is a very versatile instrument I use for a variety of tasks, a VR headset won’t add anything to my computer’s usefulness.

    Hey, these 5 arguments I could think of in a matter of 2 minutes. Gimme 2 more minutes and I’ll find more arguments. Anybody agrees with me or is my thinking shit?


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    • Oh, and one more. I almost forgot the psychological factor. Dunno about you but I guess I’d be heavily confused from wearing a VR headset. My blood pressure is always pretty low as it is already and I’m prone to fall unconscious. No need for further disorientation, thankyouverymuch.

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  2. Add a third vote! I’m not even sure would work for me. Add to the expense for a really high end VR computer system the need to hire someone to come in and install the sensors in the room then find out it doesn’t even work for me I will definitely give VR a miss.

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    • Whoa! Didn’t even know there need sensors to be installed, Willow. This VR stuff gets more difficult by the minute. 😮 So, we’re already leading 3:0. I wonder when the first Pro voice will be heard around here. No tech savvy boys reading Orcablog? Already feeeling bad about leading my whole readership onto a pat of negativity and naysaying and behaving like whimsical girls … oh wait, that’s what we are, aren’t we? And damn proud of it!

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