On Heavy Rotation: St. Vincent


The title is a lie. A double lie even. Firstly St. Vincent‘s real name is Annie Clark and secondly I couldn’t bear having her strange and weird music on real Heavy Rotation. But I listen to some of her songs sometimes. Just because she’s such a nifty guitarist and writes such quirky little pop gems.

You might have heard about Annie lately when you’re an avid reader of the typical gossip and fashion magazines were she made some waves by switching her GF’s from the well-known Cara Delevingne to Kristen “Twilight” Stewart. But that’s none of our business, as her sexual orientation isn’t audible in her music, right?

Ya well, the music is pretty weird as you’re about to witness soon. But it’s not brainless lala pop but well-composed material somewhere between pop and jazz and completely gaga. And then there’s Annie’s remarkable guitar style, accentuated and very technical, in which she sprinkles the nicest riffs almost playfully into her weird but weirdly catchy tunes. And, anyway, any musician collaborating with the lovely weirdomatic David Byrne on their own free will can’t be an awfully bad person, no?

Annie’s effect pedals. Nice assortment.

And the sound is truly unique, something otherworldly she’s squeezing out of that poor instrument with the help of a lot of effect pedals. As a girl she’s not bound to the always same old blues/heavy metal/jazz sounds of her male co-guitar heroes but freely creates her own music in her own sound.

Anyhoo, listen at your own risk and don’t hold me accountable for bleeding ears and other side effects. If you can’t stand St. Vincent’s music you’re not worthy of her hot and steamy lesbian sex adventures. 🙂 And now go home, perv!

St. Vincent @ the Colbert Show

Some videos:

… and now she’s raping the surviving members of Nirvana. 😮

She even got her own signature guitar. That’s nothing special these days, as every little fucker get’s their own sig guitar but Annie actually designed her battle axe in cooperation with Ernie Ball/Music Man. What a fugly piece of plywood it turned out to be. 😉

And live on Letterman:



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