Autonomouses … Autonomice …?


Yes, some of my fellow autonomice seemed to have Dabbling in Politics added to their list of awesome things to do now as well. Would be even better if they declared our sailing conglomerate as Hillary Free Zone too. You know the survival of the species depends on keeping her out of the White House.

But much more important, and the original reason for me taking this photo, was to show that I own indeed more than just the tie-dye bikini I was wearing nonstop for the last few weeks. And to remind you of the unspeakable beauty of the totally new (not revamped but freshly built) OrCafé. And since I was such so handily online today I’ve invited Kitten’s LCC party crew over for a nice aftercruise bash at the aforementioned OrCafé. Cool. Let’s see if and when Kitten finds the time to schedule the Autonomous Collective’s land in for a visit.



    • I forgive you, hun 😉
      Question is: can you forgive yourself? I mean forgetting to clean up after oneself is pretty n00bish behaviour, no?

      teehee 🙂


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