• Mhm, seen from your unique angle it must be repulsive. For most of us it’s just sarcastic, maybe British humour. Wasn’t intended to be hurtful I guess. At least not by this harmless little bloggerista. You know I’m an emotional pedestrian, usually don’t allow many feels in this blog, neither for the readership nor for myself. My belief is that one can be adorably awesome without becoming emotional and irrational.


      • Thinking about it … you know what they say: “Everybody dies alone.” I believe that and I’m crapping my panties already, knowing it’s inevitable for all of us, even for me, myself and I. Although I made a pact with fate, contractually bound myself to living out all my 980 years, the moment will come one fine day. And I’ll struggle and scream and fight! Since I’m a little bit older – not old but a wee tiny bit older – I can’t even laugh about some Monty Python sketches anymore. Because they fukn scare me! 😮


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