That’s Why …

I guess I reported about Linus Torvalds’ favourite programming laptop a while ago already (no, bitch, you didn’t). But what I totally forgot to mention is this little gem in Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols’s write-up:


… and that’s why Orca uses MATE. But that’s not what this is about or why I’m writing this. It’s about the most-used argument by Gnome3 devs and fanbois that even Linus himself is using Gnome3 now, and that means therefore it must be good. And that is, to say it nicely, utter bullshit! Like crap, totally. Indeed it’s not just Mr. Vaughan-Nichols and your editrix not using Gnome 3, it’s a vast part of worldwide Linuxers refusing to even touch that crappy desktop. It’s like the #1 Linux distro on Distrowatch, Mint, created their own GTK3-based DE, Cinnamon, and the MATE devs creating the only real Gnome DE, MATE, as the logical successor of Gnome2. MATE at least didn’t break the mold like Gnome3 did … and continous to do.

gnome3Gnome 3 broke with the traditional desktop paradigm and reinvented the wheel. Or at least they tried … but failed. Where MATE is going the way of careful evolution and Cinnamon tries to incorporate GTK3’s toolset without breaking established patterns and workflows, Gnome 3’s devs called for a revolution and started breaking stuff. And it doesn’t look like they’re giving up anytime soon. Fukn meaniepoofaces. 😮

At least they managed to turn their miscarriage into a somewhat usable desktop, so our guru Linus is able to work with it. But don’t even think for a second he’s doing so because he loves fukn Gnome3. Quite the contrary. But he’s kinda contractually bound to use this shitty desktop because he receives his salary from Red Hat, and Red Hat finances the Gnome 3 developers as well and is one of the very few institutional suppliers of that certain desktop.


However, Gnome3 is not approved by Thar She Blows!, and you should stay away from that crap as well. It’s in the best interest of your mental health. 🙂 See here:


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