Francois Jacques Memorial 2016

It’s a great pleasure and a huge honour for me to make a little bit of propaganda for this event:


Please read all the info and NOR for the races and party in memoriam of Fran.

Date is 22. October 2:30 P.M., which will be a bit late for the €urotrash editrix but maybe my co-bloggers Lucy, Trap and Crystal can deliver some text and photos of the event(s). Or anybody else? Pleez …


  1. Its such a shame miata destroyed then sold 3 Pines out of the sailing community
    Its also a shame that FJ’s Come Sail centres that remain, are terrible underused
    by the sailing community in general
    It would have been so nice if a Memorial to all her hard work and efforts was to be
    held at one of her Centres…
    OH well…

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    • Heyyy Slammie, welcome back hun!
      Kicked all visitors out for good now? Ready to spring into action?
      Well, the community may have lost 3 Pines … that means some community members should still sit on the remaining 5 centers. And I bet if you ask any of the new owners nicely they will give you all possible support so you can do some events in any of the centers. And Orcablog will send out a reporter to cover your event. All is cool. Just don’t conflict with NYC’s official programme.

      Oh, and hey, as you know the Autonomous Collective still sits on a chunk of land by the South River. Maybe it’s enough to get a Sailing Center? If not we can surely lure some more intrepid bishies into the scheme and erect a real sailing empire. 🙂


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