Road Trip with Mowry


On the road again. Today with my second sister Mowry Rubble, third oldest of our bunch, after me and OhOrca Oh. Wow, didn’t let her out in years and totally forgot how she may look like. The result was neither impressive nor astonishing as she looked kinda like we all looked back then when we didn’t have money for decent clothes. She even shares the same TrYC baseball shirt with OhOrca.

The grid wasn’t playing nicely with Mowry tho. She was catapulted outta the bus at nearly every sim crossing. 😦

Anyway, on with the camping trip. Today we rezzed directly at the picnic area by the Lordshore bridge … and ran into problems immediately. The road is a steady incline here, plus there is a sim xing right at the rez area. Took us four to six tries to finally make it across the border so we could continue crawling further along. I didn’t dare shifting into 2nd gear or cruise mode since that would make the volksiebus too fast.

As a result we’d crash even more often than usual with this car. 😦
Mowry noticed this nice little art deco gallery by the roadside. Of course we had to take a break and look at the pieces.
A little while later we came to the Intersection of Routes 9 and 10 but decided to stay on 9 and take the next road up to the northern Jeogeot island.
Ugh gawd, how I hate this shitty Helloween spectacle. Do they have to do it like every year??? Fuck! 😦
And yet another crash. This time we get the vehicle stolen right from under our sexy asses. 😦
So we walk up to the next intersection in Falkor, were we rerez and take a right turn down to the channel that divides the big landmass of southern Jeogeot from the northern island.
Grrr. I hate low flying buildings. 😮
The channel crossing is like typical old SL style. All the water is sold to total landlubbers to build their landbound buildings on. Way to ruin your own careful terraforming, LL. 😦
From this perspective the channel crossing looks rather nice tho.
And the SL sunset is a sight to behold. 🙂 LOL
“I’m melting, I’m melting!” Okay, next crash not even 2 sims later. Mowry gone and the camper sunken into the ground. WTF???
Crashsite on my yellow blip (or green, I can never see the difference). I give up for today. Who needs a place to rest for the night anyway, eh?



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