Manjaro Gazette Offline

Didn’t I mention at an earlier occasion that the Manjaro Gazette was a bad idea?

Yes, I did. And didn’t it become clear when J.P. Wohlscheid stopped posting articles on his own blog thingy? Yes. And now look:


We all know what a message like this truly means. The site is dead.

John Paul Wohlscheid

I mean, yes, I can fully understand his desire to tell the whole world about the amazing Manjaro Linux. It’s really that great! But creating a whole magazine just for the one subject of one Linux OS? A Linux OS that already comes with its own very comprehensive infrastructure, including the Arch Linux typical sensational wikis and a very lively forum? What did he expect he could tell us we didn’t already know? What secrets did he expect to get out of the usually pretty tightlipped developers?

So, sorry to say, but I’m not even too sorry to see the Manjaro Gazette being gone. This great Linux distro speaks for itself.

Of course, just in case the Gazette comes back online with a new layout and full to the brim with the latest infos and rumours and stuff, even fresher than Manjaro’s homepage, then I’ll take back everything I just said and will happily state the contrary. 🙂

The beginning of the end.


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