Camping with Oh

Since my last two posts left me stranded on Route 9 on Jeogeot I’ve decided to continue my gridwide campground hunt on this very nice continent. Of course I had to walk a couple hundred meters back to a rez area and summon my oldest altsister, the less sexy, less rich and less intelligent OhOrca Oh, to join me on this trip. You know she doesn’t get out much, so I thought I’d treat her with a camping vacation.


How blessed I am with 2 desktop computers and 2 screens. Yes, I know I could run an alt on my main machine as well, but this is  so much more convenient.

And there she is: My sista Oh, also over 9 years old and not ashamed to still look like a fukn n00b. But you should see our other sisters … brrrr. 😦
All aboard the sisterly lovetrain … ChooChoo!
While we’re happyily singing some silly German schlagersongs from the 70s (Oh’s got a remarkably angelic singing voice) I notice the Cruise function of the VW camper is waayyyy too fast for me to keep our Volksiebus (as it’s known in South Africa) properly on the road. So I slide into the next ditch. 😮
Some studying of the allknowing map: “Turn left here.” “Shut up bitch! I know the way.”
Brrr, EEEEeeps! A military installation. Uaargs. That’s not to these fine girls’ liking. But the woldmap shows something that looks like a nice beach at the end of the airfield, so grudgingly we enter.
Ah ok, looks like just some history buffs roleplaying America’s WW2 in the pacific. Really how dare they calling their private backyard rumble with Japan WW2? The real WW2 was Germany vs Russia, all the rest were sideshows!
Plane wreck and robot ships and helis. These military RPers really made everything as real and immersive as possible.
The beach is nice but we both don’t feel like sleeping between pillboxes in an invasion area. So we turn around and leave the airfield.
Then after a short but nerve wrecking trip further down Route 9 we enter the mostest famoustest bridge in SL. Lordshore Bridge is famous at least for sailors of the LCC, who already did some cruising of the Jeogeot Bay and the racers of the TrYC Wold Tour 2013, who had their first race here as well.
M24 racing on Jeogeot back in January 2013.
I always enjoy this piece of road every time I drive or ride on it.
“See this little beach down there below the viewing platform?” I nudge at Oh. “Yes, fantastic spot but we can’t get there. No road”, she replies.
“Where we go we don’t need no stinkin’ roads” I mumble and just engage the Flight gear and set us down gently on the sloped palm beach. 😉
I’m so exhausted I fall asleep as soon as the camper is put into Parking while sister Oh still ponders her useless life as an alt.
But this campground is really something. A bit close to the bridge and the highway, so we hear the deep rumbling sound of mega trucks and personal transportation pods the whole night through, but the view is spectacular.


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