Grumpy Old Neighbourhood Witch

Witches and Their Craft....You remember back when we were kids? Wasn’t there this one old woman, mostly a widow, always sitting behind her kitchen curtains, chainsmoking, her grim face covered in shrouds and warts, and always escorted by her stupid mean black poodle or one of those always yapping chihuahuas? And she was ready to explode at the slightest disturbance of her peace and quiet. Smashing a football through her lounge window or ruining her pricewinning flowers? Oy vey! 😮 This meant war, right?

So your father rather helplessly smacked you over the head and pulled you on your ears to her house and made you apologise to that witch. And when she was nice she graciously handed you the ball back. Poooh. 😉


Well, and today that’s me. 🙂 Found the blue/orange ball in our garden like two weeks ago, the smiley one today, just 10 minutes ago. And first I was like “Hehe, gonna keep those” but then decided I have no use for that shit anyway. Also our neighbour is a very nice young lady who doesn’t play with balls anymore (not in the garden), so it was  probably her younger siblings on visit who lost their balls and didn’t dare to ask me. Oh god, am I really sooo horrible? That unfriendly German nazi bitch?

Anyhoo, not even keeping them hostage but just threw them marbles back over the garden fence. I’m soo fukn nice. 🙂


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