A Good Morning :)

It was indeed a very good morning as I had the bestest yoga practice in quite a while. Dunno how these things come to be, maybe the fantastic spring weather influencing my mood and my abilites or sumfink …

While fiddling for the car keys I found my camera in the gym bag and made a photo of the lucky bag and my yoga mat right away. Why? Because I could.
Obviously I wasn’t the only upbeat person today, as the parking lot of the gym was so full with cars, I had to park like 50 meters from the entrance. Everybody’s working on their beach figures or what?
Even this school has an “Open Day”. There is something in the air today …

And it didn’t end there. Had a nice breakfast and was mighty productive already. Sprinkled the garden, about to wash some clothes now … and even composed this useless blog entry.

\o/ YAY me! \o/

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