Interesting Critique on Sansar and LL

NWN Reader JohnC wrote about the disappointing teaser images we get presented by the Lab as if they were something special … which they really aren’t.


It doesn’t need a “pretty brutal autopsy” on the photo to see it’s shit. Foggy, cloaking contrasts, no exciting details, nothing special. No grand scale, no world. No vehicles, no detailed builds and … NO AVATARS!!! Nothing a talented designer couldn’t build in SL in a matter of a couple hours.

What I found even more interesting than JohnC’s writeup were the few comments by fellow blogreaders. There is not much left of the initial confidence in LL’s latest adventure. Slowly Orca’s negativity is spreading throughout NWN’s readership as well. 🙂

Yours truly always aims to please. =^.^=


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